What’s Mobile Got to Do With it?

Remember the days when you needed the carry around a boombox in order to have your favorite tunes with you? The walkman and eventually the mp3 player gave way for a more convenient way for us to take our music with us. The same can be said about the journey from the desktop to the laptop and now the tablet.


In today’s world, we search for convenience. We want to be able to have access to things like music and the internet on the go. We need quick, easy to navigate solutions that give us all the benefits of the traditional platform (desktop, radio) with the portability of the wireless equivalent (iPod, iPad).

The problem: many companies still have not figured out that consumers like to have their cake and eat it too. What do I mean? Well think of a time when you have not been near your desktop so you went to access a website on your mobile device and it just wasn’t the same. You weren’t able to quickly find what you needed, or you had to do that extremely annoying zoom in/ zoom out to resize the page and find what you need. Or how about, when what you need isn’t there? This happens when websites are not fully optimized for use on mobile devices.

From a consumer standpoint this can be extremely aggravating. I don’t know about you but I rely heavily on my mobile devices to access the internet in a pinch.

            In the grocery store:

mobile phone at grocery

I am a bargain hunter, and I always have my phone out at the store. I search for coupons, product reviews, and ingredient information on the web. I don’t have time to waste on sites that are not mobile friendly.


            At the mall:


Admittedly I am an online shop-a-holic. With that being said I still sometimes go to the mall. I rely on my phone to find discount codes, product reviews, and to compare pricing online vs. in store to determine what method I will use to make the actual purchase.

At work:

phone in work

I don’t always take my laptop into meetings. And sometimes I get pulled into impromptu meetings or conversations. There have been quite a few occasions when I’ve needed to pull up information on a competitive product or find something online relevant to the meeting topic or to provide further insight to a point I am making. But, also time to come clean here. I frequently online shop during lunch and my phone is better for privacy.

            On the road:


Have you ever passed a billboard and wanted more information on a company service or product. (When you are the passenger, not the driver of course.) Or how about when you remember a purchase you wanted to make or a site you wanted to visit before you left the house, but now you will need to access it through your phone or tablet.

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of visiting a website and you could not navigate it, the layout was crappy, and all it did was frustrate you? I have experienced that what seems like a million times. What ends up happening? I look for another site.

No matter where I am when I am accessing the internet, I am looking for the same things: functionality and ease of navigation. But it’s not just about the site WORKING on my phone, it’s about how the site LOOKS on my phone. I don’t want to open a site and it’s a stripped version of the desktop site.

What’s the recurring theme here? Besides the fact that I online shop way too much, convenience is very important to me. My phone is often more quickly accessible than my laptop so I am often using the web in a mobile format.

Looks like I am not the only one.


A recent study suggests that close to half of smartphone and tablet owners will never re-visit a site that is not optimized



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