Social Media – Its Not Just for Teenagers Anymore


Facebook used to be the go to site to find out what your friends were doing Saturday night, or the perfect way to find out what that guy you like is up to. Now social media has evolved into a must have tool for businesses. The consumers they target are engaging with them across multiple social media platforms and sites across the web. Its not enough to simply have a social media page – businesses need to know how to use it and drive consumer engagement.

Effective social media presence allows companies to have a consistent connection to consumers. Let’s not forget the best form of advertising is word  of  mouth,and that’s free! People always look to share their opinions – be it positive or negative- with people they know. The average person knows hundreds of people by face or name. Interestingly enough the average facebook user has 141 friends. That’s 141 people that they can impact either positively or negatively about a company service or product. Now factor in twitter users who average 208 followers and are more frequently posting their thoughts, opinions, and experiences in real time.


Social media is everywhere. Consumers interact with companies and with each other almost every second of the day. Many users are constantly logged in to their social media apps on their phone day in and day out, consistently receiving updates as to what their friends and followers are doing or are interested in.

I would not consider myself a Facebook stalker, but I can say a lot of times I log in to the site out of boredom. “Nothing to do right now… guess Ill check Facebook”. There have been quite a few occasions where I have been very satisfied with a product and I have to tell all my friends about it through texts and Facebook posts. I have also seen the flip-side where when people are unhappy with a product or service and Facebook is the first place you will hear about it. There have even been times where I’ve thought “Ohh wait I think this is the brand Susan said was awful on Facebook”.

Social Media also gives companies a chance to respond to consumer comments, questions, and concerns. Handling these situations quickly and effectively can  earn companies major brownie points with the public. For companies – the social media space is the place to be. Be there or be square!

social media for business